Committee to Elect Jamie Tolliver Presents:

She is the new woman on the block. She believes that the way to a better city, a better nation, a better world, is through education. Far too often people vote simply because it is their right and they have been conditioned to do so. But how often do we go into the ballot box, with far too little information and leave unsure of what we voted on and are forced to do the research later (if we do it at all)? We are not “born” political. Jamie Tolliver wants to use her platform to educate and empower ALL the citizens of St. Louis County. She seeks to be a voice for the voiceless and a beacon of knowledge to the community of which she is a part.



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Vote Democrat! Vote Tolliver Tuesday, August 4th 2020!!

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Senior/Disability Justice

The safety of the elderly and the disabled is a concern I hold dear as a result of concerns that have been expressed to me personally on several occasions by this segment of the population. Crosswalks should be made more safe and secure across 4 lanes of traffic and at busy intersections by: Making crosswalk … Continue reading Senior/Disability Justice

Environmental Justice

My campaign opposes the environmental racism that African Americans of the St. Louis Metropolitan area are exposed to at considerable greater risks than their Caucasian counterparts. This environmental racism contributes to stark racial disparities regarding health, economic burdens, and quality of life. These findings were published by the Washington University of St. Louis’s campus newspaper, … Continue reading Environmental Justice

Education Justice

The same way homes are racially divided by zip codes, schools seem to follow the same unjust rhetoric. If parents live in a city/municipality and move within that same city/municipality, they should have the option to keep their children at the same school. Those moving into a district, as tax payers, should have the option … Continue reading Education Justice

Social Justice Platform

Reform programs should be set in place where non-violent crimes can be removed from the record of first time offenders to assist in aiding those person to becoming valuable and productive citizens. The legal system should seek to become more rehabilitative. Ensure the investigation of all police-related shootings & serious assaults are investigated by an … Continue reading Social Justice Platform

Homelessness Justice

As of January 2019, more than 6,000 people in Missouri were homeless, with more than 1,000 of those not having shelter during the night. It has been projected that since the year 2007 more than 10,000 homes will face foreclosure. With the rising number of people out of work because of this recent pandemic, the … Continue reading Homelessness Justice

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