People of the community please hear me out,

It is no secret that we live in a flawed world; that no one person can make it all better right away…


I am here to serve you. I am not the candidate with all the answers, but I do come asking the right questions and with the right  mindset to pursue and achieve change that will benefit all the residents of St. Louis County.

Together we win is not just a slogan, but rather it is a call to action.

Below is simply highlights of where WE can begin to grow and flourish TOGETHER…

Health: Elimination of health inequity and social Injustice for the low income, under-insured, & uninsured county residents.

Together We Can Be Healthy.

Education: Education should be inclusive of the history of all ethnicities that make up this nation in equal capacity.

Together We Can Be Educated.

Environmental Justice: My campaign supports the 100% Clean Economy Act

Together We Can Restore the Planet.

Social Justice: Protect and Advocate the Rights and Fair Wage/Benefits for St. Louis County Workers to include Equal Pay for Women

Guard against racial profiling and other injustices towards African Americans and other minorities through increased law enforcement accountability, police reform, and a civilian police review board.

 All St. Louis County boards should mirror the Racial/Ethnic demographics of the communities  they serve.

Together We Can Have an Equitable Society.

Justice for the Homeless: New initiatives should focus on providing food, shelter, work, and healthcare to get the homeless back into the working class of the city.

Together We Can Uplift the Community.

Justice for the Elderly and Disabled: My campaign is adamantly against the financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled

Together We Can Protect the Living Legacies of Our Families.


On August 4, 2020 at the Democratic Primary Election,

VOTE for the Candidate that is

Fighting for ALL not just the few…

Because EVERYONE deserves a seat at the table!!

To find out more information about Candidate Jamie Tolliver and her platform to support through donation or endorsement

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